Summer's here and it's time to get out on the water. Yamaha WaveRunners are the easiest and most fuel efficient choice for getting your family into the boating lifestyle. They are the perfect choice for balancing the high fun and excitement you need from a summer activity with the lowest total cost of ownership. Yamaha WaveRunners provide up to 2 gallons an hour of fuel savings over the competition, which means automatic cost savings every time you use your Yamaha WaveRunner. Additionally, Yamaha offers an exclusive Low RPM mode that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 26% (link to Low RPM release). And Yamaha is the only product line of personal watercraft that runs entirely on 87 octane fuel, so filling up costs less, every time.

#1 in Fuel Efficiency
Yamaha WaveRunners have changed the face of fuel efficiency across the industry, leading to thousands of dollars of cost savings for our owners. In the case of our VX Series - owners will save $1000 each year in fuel costs compared to the next competitive model (based on average annual use). And our clean burning engines offer this efficiency without sacrificing speed. The VX actually has a higher top speed than the next closest model while consuming 2 gallons an hour less. FX Cruiser High Output owners will save $3000 each year compared to the closest competitive luxury PWC (based on average annual use). And the SHO Series is the only performance PWC in the industry optimized to run on regular unleaded fuel.

#1 in Reliability
Yamaha engines have always been known for their reliability and low maintenance, but don't take our word for it. A study by Powersports Business Magazine researched reliability by interviewing dealers around the country on their experiences with the major PWC brands. A staggering 75% of all dealers surveyed listed Yamaha as #1 in reliability. And since 2/3 of rental operators choose Yamaha WaveRunners, there's little doubt we've earned our reputation.

Cruise Assist & No Wake Modeā„¢
Made possible by the industry's only electronic throttle, Yamaha's exclusive Cruise Assist is the first system that allows the driver to set and hold a particular engine speed while maintaining a comfortable throttle position. Once set, the driver can increase or decrease the engine speed in increments of 250 RPMs with the simple push of a button - a real benefit when towing a wakeboarder or extending a long day of cruising. When the throttle is disengaged, the system shuts off. Yamaha's No Wake Mode regulates RPMs for the optimal speed (approximately 5 mph) to efficiently navigate through no wake zones. Yamaha's exclusive Cruise Assist and No-Wake Mode can be found on the FX SHO and FX Cruiser SHO WaveRunners.

Only PWC with Cruiser comfort features Personal watercraft riding has changed dramatically over the years and Yamaha's led the way with its exclusive Cruiser concept. Designed for maximum comfort for long days on the water or multi-day adventure tours, Yamaha Cruiser models are unlike any other watercraft in the industry. And now the cruising experience has gone one step further with Yamaha's introduction of the first Cruise Assist and No Wake Mode features for added cruising ease. The Cruiser concept, Cruise Assist and No Wake Mode can only be found from Yamaha.Yamaha's Cruiser comfort features can be found on the FX Cruiser SHO, FX Cruiser HO, FX Cruiser and the VX Cruiser.

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